R is for Random

I got this from Toni, and she gave me the letter R :) I have to write about 10 things I love that starts with the letter R.

Here goes:

Rice - I love rice so much, I had to cut back on it to maintain my voluptous figure AHAHAHAHHA.

Rum Coke - my go-to at-home drink of choice.

Real Genius - Val Kilmer was <3<3<3 in this movie. One of my simple pleasures :)

Rachel McAdams <3 Ryan Gosling - Yey for being back together! Please don't ever break up again!

Ryan Reynolds - Alanis' ex-fiance, had the best lines in Trinity Blade, rocked Van Wilder Party Liaison, bad-ass in Smokin' Aces, and my list will go on and on :P

Road trip - especially if it's an awesome beach destination!

Read - books, magazines, blogs, manuals, the back of a cereal box, heh.

Romance - I may seem like a cynic, but it takes so little to sweep me off my feet :)

Riches - Hehehe. Need I explain this? :P

Rumors - I admit, I'm a gossip. Celebrity gossip, blog gossip, office gossip. Hihihi.

Want your own letter? Just tell me in the comments. Toodles! :)


  1. the new ryan reynolds movie, DEFINITELY, MAYBE is really nice.. and since you like romance and ryan reynolds then i guess you would like it.

    rakenrol! :D

  2. i watched that na!!!!!! and with my anak pa ha, so imagine na lang when ryan reynolds' character's daughter was spouting off the word penis. i had a lot of 'splainin to do hahahahaha :D

    and since nagcomment ka, and DIDN'T ASK FOR A LETTER, bibigyan pa rin kita! letter L for you! :D

  3. RYAN REYNOLDS!!! Loved him in "Just Friends" :D

  4. wow.. letter L. for LOVE. naks! bwahahahahah! :D

    isa sa mga favorite movies ko nitong taon na ito yung DEFINITELY, MAYBE na yan.. kakatuwa...

    teka.. how young ba ang iyong daugther?

  5. @Toni yes i loved him there too!!! lalo na when he was singing "i swear"! hahahha :)) watch him in definitely, maybe!

    @mikko L for Lintik na Love na yan! ahahaha.

    she's 8. old enough to ask questions :P heheheh.

  6. Van Wilder is a riot!!!

    btw..im linking you up!