The final verdict

IKR, it's been ten thousand years since I last updated.

This month has been a blur of code reviews, poker nights, BDJ meet-ups, last-minute Christmas shopping, gift-wrapping, dishwashing (yeah, I'm a domesticated diva) and parties.

And so, as a sort of closure: I know you're all DYING to hear what happened after this.

The gist would be this: he finally admitted/realized/found out the reason behind his actions for the past three years.

Yes, he loves me. Because we've been through a lot together, because we're a family.

But he's not in love anymore.

Yeah, I know, right? :(

It explains EVERYTHING -- why he treats me like this, and treats other people better. Why he can let other people in his life, while I remain in the outskirts, just a mere presence, and not an active player.

And he doesn't know what to do about it.

But he wants us, as mother and father, as parents to Darice, to be together as a family.

For now, that's all I can write about. I've written paragraphs already, but it was all incoherent -- lemme gather my thoughts first before I write more about this.

I promise, that blog post will come before the year ends :)


  1. ok, but what do YOU want?

    do you want to continue suffering? and you have to realize that staying in a marriage simply for a child is not going to help your daughter in the long run. wouldn't it suck if she lets her future husband do the same to her as what's being done to you?

    there are longer dicks out there :)

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    *cough* 2009 *cough hehe.