Just when I thought...

There were times you were excruciatingly annoying.

Or being such an asshole.

Or a jerk.

Or just plain oblivious to my feelings, our past, and my existence.

All the while with me trying to re-engineer my life without you. Trying to undo the (bad) changes you made me go through. Trying to reset the matrix of my existence, to find the "me" that I lost when I was with you, to rebuild myself without you as my cornerstone and my foundation.

Then, you asked:

Ano nga pala yung pasta na lagi nating ino-order natin dito?

Although I was wistful for a moment, remembering that one time we "celebrated" an anniversary there, and all those other times we just gorged on pizza and pasta in that place...

I see your new watch.

The times we spent there were a lifetime ago.

You were mine then, and I was yours.

And now, the watch you wear is not that one I gave you.

Because you're no longer mine.

And, I'm no longer yours.

It was bittersweet nostalgia.

Nothing less.

And nothing more.


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