Um, weird

Coming from work, I dropped by the small grocery near our subdivision to buy something for my never-ending quest to drop a few pounds.

[Actually, the quest will end this Sunday, after my sister's wedding, and the quest is to shed a LOT of pounds. So yeah. Good luck right?]

I went inside the grocery, with my earphones blasting music, heading straight to the Coffee/Tea aisle.

[Yes, I was going to buy those herbal teas that make you go poo-poo. I was am desperate! I only have 6 days to go!]

But then I noticed the long lines at the cashiers -- meh. Herbal tea-drinking will have to start the next day then.

So I turned around, heading back to the door, when I heard some guy [faintly, I must say, since I was wearing my earphones] call my name.

"Shell. Shell. Shell!"

There was only one guy who can possibly be at the same grocery, and calling me by that name.

I turned to look where my name was coming from, and it was, of course D.

Here comes the weird part.


And then a weird half-hi/half-bye wave. From both of us. And then a millisecond pause.

Then I took a step towards the exit with "Ang haba ng pila eh." And then another weird millisecond and then off I go.


I spent almost 11 years with this guy, and what, we're reduced to that kind of interaction?

Although, there was really nothing to talk about anyways.

But gaaah. Why so awkward? [I may have been the only one who felt awkward though. I think it would be impossible for D to feel akward at all.]

I mean, that "encounter" with D felt so awkward compared to a chance encounter with a college acquaintance [who works in the same compound as I do, who I avoid because he greeted me with a snarky "ang LAKI ng pinagbago mo ah" around 2 years ago -- yes, i hold my grudges. Dearly] this same day -- I had a friendlier, more easy-going response when he called my attention as I was walking towards the center gate [I returned his "ang LAKI ng pinagbago mo" comment at him because he did got erm rounder].

I guess the weirdness and awkwardness felt overblown because it got compared to that encounter with the college acquaintance.

Again, I'm going to say it, but it's WEIRD how life works -- you spend a decade of your life with someone, and then, it's just a series of awkward hi's and hello's in the end.

IDK, TBH, DNW. But then, well, that's the way life goes. *shrugs*


  1. more than a third or your lived life shared with him..


  2. labo nga non, shelley. kahit friendly hug man lang sana. hehe. after all, you share an offspring. but what the hell do i know, right? i do admire how strong you are! keep it up!!!

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    buti nga ikaw binati pa eh.. yung ex ko which I spent about 8 years with tinitigan lang ako nung makasalubong ko sa escalator. hmmm... birthday nya pa nga yata bukas.

  4. the ironies of life. there are times naman na we've been with some for the shortest time, pero it felt as if all your life had building up around that person.

    tsk tsk. good luck sa heartache. buti na lang may yosi.