Haul-a Loot!

So yeah I had all these stuff I wanted to buy with that little extra sumfin right?

Let's just say there was a sudden change of plans.


John Mayer's concert was supposed to happen earlier this year (I think May 15?), but then the date got moved to October 1. That was serendipitous already because I would've thought twice going to MOA, during May's humidity, with so many people pressed up against you (ugh), and I really had no one to go with at that time.

But then, a friend of mine (@sisagonuts) fell in love again with John Mayer (because of his Tumblr), and she insisted we get tickets already to avail of the early bird discount. I didn't want to commit yet, because at that time, something was being planned for October 1. I told myself if that something was finally NOT scheduled for October 1, I will buy tickets for the concert already.

A few days ago, I got the call confirming that the thing won't happen on October 1, so @sisagonuts and I went online and bought us some tickets for John Mayer's concert! :D

Fullscreen capture 8222010 65100 PM.bmp
We'll be seeing you in a few weeks, John Mayer!!!


Okay, that almost depleted my resources already but I find ways to indulge my shopping cravings. Hehe.

I finally visited Forever21, and going there on a payday weekend was not a good idea. Good thing I'm fat and most of the clothes there won't fit me, or else I would've gone bankrupt that day heee. Oh, and the fact that I remembered I'm already 30, and some of the clothes there are a little too young for me. Hehehe.

I mostly grabbed accessories at first because I thought I wouldn't find clothes that will fit me there. Lo and behold, there is Faith21, which is the plus-size section of Forever21. Since I put myself on a budget, I let go of the accessories, and came home with this:

Disco Inferno Knit Top in Black, Studded Knit Top in Gray

They're a bit pricier than the usual fare in Forever21, but hey, they use more cloth to make plus-size clothes, so I understand :P The price was worth it IMHO because one shirt had bling on the shoulders, and the other one had a belt (which I won't be using naman haha!)


Books -- they are my ultimate weakness. I can resist buying accessories and shoes (my fashion weaknesses), but when it comes to books, I just have to buy them. Even though I still have this much on my to-read list.

From top to bottom: The Princess Bride by William Goldman, Illustrado by Miguel Syjuco, What the Hell Have I Done by Robert Fulghum, and A Lifetime of Secrets edited by Frank Warren

The Princess Bride by William Goldman is the book where the movie The Princess Bride is based upon.  I think it's been a year since I first saw this book, or knew the existence of this book, so when I saw it again, I just had to buy it.  Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco is a book I found out about by reading Cosmo during one of my salon trips. And coincidentally, a girl having her hair done was reading the said book. Color me intrigued by then. What on Earth Have I Done by Robert Fulghum was previously priced at P925, which I got for P150 at National Bookstore sale.  I do not pass up sale items like that LOL, especially since its already a hard bound book, and I have read earlier books of Robert Fulghum. Oh, and of course, A Lifetime of Secrets, my third Postsecret book! I got two Postsecret books for my birthday this year, and one more Postsecret book, and I will re-complete the collection I lost during Ondoy!


Of course there's booty loot.

From left to right: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream, Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector Pen, Myra E Vita Glow Tinted Facial Moisturizer, Maybelline Lip Smooth Extra Care Cool Mint Lipbalm, Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss in Wild Cherry and Nivea Natural Volume.

My Olay Tinted Moisturizer was running out, and since I was in the mood for something new, I picked up the Maybelline cream and the Myra E tinted facial moisturizer. I tried the Maybelline cream this morning, after using Clean and Clear moisturizer, and it felt light on my skin, not heavy as the Olay one. I'll try the tinted moisturizer from Myra E in a few days.

And since I've had so much breakouts the past couple of months, I am left with dark blemishes, mostly on my right cheek :( A few dabs of Physician's Formula Concealer Twins® 2-in-1 Correct & Cover Cream Concealer and strokes of Physician's Formula Magic Mosaic® Multi-Colored Custom Pressed Powder make it less noticeable but I can't be putting on those two forever! So I'm trying out the Garnier Spot Corrector pen -- let's see if it at least lightens my blemishes (suntok sa buwan ang mag-even out pa ang aking skin tone hahaha).

Trivia: I rarely ware lipstick, I only wear lipglosses, even during parties or events. The ones I have right now are mostly on the pink side, so I bought the Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss in Wild Cherry, to have something a bit on the red side. And just for the heck of it, I wanted to try the Nivea Volume to see if it works heh.  The Cool Mint Lipbalm saved my lips when I was in the US, specially my sister's, that's why she never gave it back to me -_- It's very moisturizing, and the cool mint is <3


And in the impulsive buying section, we have the blow dryer.

Does a mean blow job

Which I'm kinda regretting now, because I tried to use it this morning, and all was for naught -- I had to tie my hair as soon as I got out of the house because of the heat and humidity. Bah. And I will be needing more time to get ready in the morning, which I don't really have, because I'm usually late for work already as it is.

Well, I have wanted to learn how to blowdry my hair on my own, so let's see if my buyer's remorse continue.


For my most favorite buy evaaaaaaaaaar, I present to you, a staple gun!

Imma gun you down with my staples!

All of my DIY dreams will now come true LOL! A project is underway wherein I'm using this bad boy, and I will share as soon as I finish it. Well, and as soon as I figure out where to display this said project hahaha! In a few months, I hope to re-upholster our sofas LOLJK!


I'm trying to get my financial situation into shape, so it will be loooooong time before I get to exercise my shopping abilities again. Well.... until I get the other half of the little extra sumfin (kung meron man :P)!