I'd say weird, but...

So I met up with a college friend, his wife (+ their kid) and another college friend tonight for dinner and drinks. The college friends are actually more of friends of D, but being in the same department and being in the same classes, they became quite my friends too.

But, well you know, I've always thought of them as being D's, and not my, friends. That they were my friends because of D. (It actually amazes me that people from D's circle of friends would add me in Facebook, but WTH, it's Facebook, real relationships really do not matter there, LOL)

Anyway. I actually thought D didn't see his college friends anymore -- with his girlfriend, and office friends, and his online gaming responsibilities.  I thought his world revolved around a very small social circle already, one that included the girlfriend right smack in the middle.

Then we were talking about D and the two college friends mentioned they met up with D one time, with the girlfriend, and I felt a bit... weird? Ionno, it was not a good feeling, not really a bad one though but...

My mind went off-balance for a teensy-weensy bit.

Maybe it was the thought that he introduced her to them already, when it was ME who was with him during their entire college friendship.  Maybe it was the thought that I felt "set aside" as the "old one" because D is all like "hey guys, here's the new one, all shiny and new and I luuuuuuuuuurve her."  Maybe it was the ease of D to just introduce her to them, and the ease of his friends to accept her.

But hey, I was the one who was with them, having dinner and drinks tonight. What did D or his girlfriend or their relationship or our past relationship have anything to do with it?

I guess I could say, they are my have been my friends ever since as well :)

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