I'd say weird, but... yeah, it wasn't really

So after meeting up with D's friends last month, I found out that the same group (M, T, JE) + one other friend, JDG met up with D and C also, a few weeks after.

After learning about it, I really didn't want to meet up with D's friends anymore. I have this thinking that friends will choose sides, and well, they were D's friends first, and I'm okay if they choose D. And yeah, that meant choosing C too, but it had to be that way.

Or so I thought.

A few days ago, JDG saw me online and struck up a conversation.
JDG: well ganito kasi, nagkita-kita rin kami nila M last friday. finally.
S: aaaaaaaaaaaaaand?
JDG: na-miss lang kita. :)
S: nyek wag ganyan :P
JDG: andun ako, si M, si J and si T
S: kasama niyo si D diba and si C? :P
JDG: yup, si D and si C.
S: ...
JDG: mas masaya yun kung ikaw ang andun eh.
S: nooooooooooo don't say that :P hahahahha :))
JDG: hope i'm not speaking out of line
S: hindi oks lang :) yun yung ayoko yung comparison.
JDG: it's not that
S: yun kasi yung iniiwasan ko
JDG: siguro kasi we were friends with you (everyone there) but not with her
S: wait na-touch ako.
JDG: kinakausap ko naman siya. di lang masyado.
S: srsly, na-touch ako :3
So with that, and this, how can I refuse when he invited me to dinner? I told him to invite M, T and JE too afterwards for drinks, might as well have them with us for more fun eh?

And so it came to pass that I had dinner with JDG and JE, and then CCC joined us for drinks. I had to go all the way to the Fort because of JDG, but they promised we'd see each other next time somewhere in Ortigas (as I had to go to Eastwood the first time, ako naman sana puntahan nila diba? :P).

Most of the night was spent reminiscing their kalokohan days--cheating arrangements during exams, playing Starcraft in Anonas up to 3 in the morning, joining and winning quiz shows, gambling with card games--all of which D and I fought about then LOL. The memories would usually start with 'Asan na si [insert name here]?" and then the stories about that friend would be told and usually ended with us laughing our asses off. Actually each memory retold that night was a good one; the stories totally deserved that oft-said phrase: "Good times".

At one point in the evening, it was brought up as a joke that D and I will be invited to one meet-up (I'm okay with it, just as long as C is not with him LOL). Of course, the awkwardness was brought up, and eventually led to who among their friends, the twopa as they have called themselves, cannot be together in the same gathering / table.

JE then said: "Ah naaalala ko na, si Shelley tsaka si DW di puedeng magkasama" (I blamed DW then for encouraging D's flirtiness. I'm actually okay with DW already; it was just deflected anger then). Remembering that they were talking about the twopa, I chimed in: "Awww, twopa ba ako?". CCC answered with: "Ba't ka kaya andito?" (Yes, marunong mambola ang twopa; it's part of their charm LOL).

But seriously, that meant a lot :3

I haven't been with these boys for a loooooong time; I guess I could say the last time I spent time with them was during the wedding. They fell off the grid, we went our own ways, we found jobs, we lived our own lives.  
We got a glimpse into the lives we live now, with some snippets creeping up in between the memories. It seemed like everything has changed.

But really, and I'm thankful for this, they were the same twopa: still the smartest people ever, and still obnoxious about it LOL.  Seriously though, and I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll say that they still have a soft spot for me after all these years.

The only "weird" thing that night was that I was with the twopa, and D wasn't with me.

But yeah, it wasn't really :)


  1. Medyo matagal-tagal na akong di nakadalaw dito ah. LOL

  2. haha, matagal na rin akong hindi nag-update eh :)