Obsessed, Part I

I have an addictive personality. When I like something, somebody, ANYTHING at all, I become obsessed. And the internet has been my enabler.

But well, I started out with this obsessive personality without the internet. 

And yes, I started out with that bad boy up there.

Of course, during that time, there was no internet yet (well, in our shores, or at our house anyways), so I did what any tweener did then -- rip out any Edward Furlong photo in any teen magazine I could get my hands on. 

And, I'm horrified to tell you this, I sent him a fan letter. (Not my most embarrassing fan-girl moment, I tell you, there are more loads to come in the future when I'm a bit older)

Then a few years later, the internet came, but then, fangirling took a back seat, as I had real-life situations keeping me busy then.  Besides, for me, there wasn't really anybody worth fangirling then.  Well, there were Keanu Reeves and Hugh Grant, but they didn't have that much of an effect on me. (I did make sticker name tags with Reeves as my last name. So sue me, I was in HS okay?)

Then came this guy:

Oh Orly Orly Orly. Because of you, I made a folder in our PC, saving the tons of images of you I could find in the internet. That was the very first time I did that. (Mind you, I don't have that folder now, but when I googled for an Orlando Bloom photo for this post, I felt a pang of regret for deleting that folder [Yes, I deleted the folder. I realized a few years ago that there really is a time for letting go LOL.])

And of course he had tons of movies coming out then so there was a lot of material to right-click-save-as then. I was even saving webpages for the articles about him LOL!

So life again got in the way of fangirling, and I now obsessed about real-life people and real-life problems and real-life love and real-life loss. 

But the internet and I have become more than friends. You can say I become obsessed with the internet itself, making this blog, joining forums, downloading mp3s and videos and what-have-you's, reading EVERYTHING about ANYTHING -- the internet became my life, and my life has become the internet.  And then a whole bunch of things were invented and made -- Youtube, Twitter, Plurk, Multiply, then eventually Facebook. (I have a special story for Tumblr, in connection with most of my embarrassing fangirl moments LOL). At the same time I also learned to use RSS feeds, and I just have all these information about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, and everything is in my Google reader!

I mean, if I had all that when I was enamored by Orlando Bloom, would it be just one measly folder?


Let's start with Veronica Mars. I was a little bit late in the game -- it was already cancelled by the time I crammed all three seasons in my iPod so I could play them anytime, anywhere.  I bought the first season DVDs even though I already have copies in my computer. I devoured Mars Investigations because come on, they have an analysis of EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE. I also got a copy of all the songs EVER played in all three seasons of the series --just so I could have copies of three particular songs.  Because of you know what?


First kiss song -- Momentary Thing by Something Happens. (Cannot find a decent vid in Youtube that can be embedded gaaaah.)

"I thought our story was epic you know. Spanning years and continents... lives ruined, blood shed. EPIC!" (I love this scene so much, it's my iPod wallpaper.) Song: I Hear the Bells by Mike Doughty.

And this dance.... *sigh* Sway, by The Perishers.

Okay, now see how I can get obsessed?  We are just barely scratching the surface here people. I was a VM fan with only the fansites, my mp3s and videos. I think I will consider myself normal during my VM addiction phase (although, I will never ever stop loving VM <3).

Wait till you hear about Kris Allen, Livejournal and Tumblr.

To be continued...

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