Obsessed, Last Part

2010 started with Kris Allen (a show here in the Philippines, hell yeah!), but I finally just became a fan, and was no longer a fanatic by 2011.

But I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't have other obsessions.

Let's start off with this guy:

I've always loved Jimmy Fallon <3 He was adorably dorky in Fever Pitch and hilarious in SNL. And omgggg, his opening numbers for MTV Movie Awards and Video Awards! There is nothing to hate about this guy, srsly! I was so happy (and nervous!) for him when he got his Late Night gig :)

Then the Emmys 2010 opening:

And the whole Emmys 2010 in fact. My bb Jimmy is all grown up, but still so adorable and funny and *sigh*

So after that gig, I turned to my favorite haunt for obsession (Tumblr) and followed all blogs that featured Jimmy heeee.  Then I got a copy of his Best of SNL dvd, and screencapped and ripped videos and uploaded them into my Tumblr (no, I didn't make a fan Tumblr LOL).

I mean look at him... just... argh, perfect:

Look at how Jimmy is so incredibly awkward and cute and gaaaaaaah.
Best thing about him? He's older than me LOL!

And yes, lookit me buying an over-priced foreign magazine just because he's on the cover:

After Jimmy and the Emmys, and after this party, things slowed down for a while, and I ended up looking for something new to watch. Since I've always loved the Sherlock Holmes series, I decided to give BBC's Sherlock a look.

10 minutes into the first episode, and  I. WAS. BLOWN. AWAY.

Yes, that's the exact moment my ovaries exploded, and I fell in love with the Sherlock series, the bromance between Sherlock and John, and of course, with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Ugh, fine fine gentleman!

He's ginger with an English accent to boot! <3 Again, I did what a self-respecting fan girl would do: troll the LJ communities and Tumblr fan blogs. Yes, I have videos in my HD. I have pictures. I have audio! Looks like I've been Cumberbatched LOL

And now, let's finish this off with a recent obsession. Ginger too, and still with a British accent:

Yes, Mr. Ronald Billius Weasley himself -- Rupert Alexander Grint!

I know he's a kid but he wears these amazing shirts, he's so adorkable during interviews, and so so so humble! He grew up to be such a man, seriously <3

And I'm a Romione shipper, so there! Ron and Hermione FOREVARZ!!!!11 :D

I have no saved photos of Rupert but my Tumblr has lots of posts on him LOL so just head on over there to see how obsessed I was, I mean I am, with Rupert :)

And rightly so, a new Rupert video, on obsessions, to end this series:

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