Remembering Europe: London, Baby!

After spending too few days there last year, I've always wanted to go back to London. The time we spent there was really not enough to see EVERYTHING I wanted to visit. Sure, we did "see" some of the places, but we weren't really there (case in point: Trafalgar Square). What was the point really if you're just going to see, and not be there, right?

(BTW, my parents paid for the whole trip, so I really couldn't complain about how they want to travel with us. I am of course still very grateful for the experience.)

And since Sherlock has reaffirmed my love for all things London, here's a few shots from our very short London trip last year.

Red phone booth near our hotel
Near our hotel, the Kensington Close

Fish and chips! <3
I could eat fish and chips every day, all day. Srsly.

Changing the Guard notice
Buckingham Palace. Quite sad we didn't get to go in :(

I love the windows and the balconies :)
Is this Belgravia? I kind of shrieked when Irene Adler stepped into her house in Sherlock's A Scandal in Belgravia because I recognized the place from our trip!

Queen Victoria's Statue
Queen Victoria's Statue, near the Buckingham Palace

St. James's Park
St. James Park. I was on the lookout for Crowley and Aziraphale ;) Totally fell in love with the place -- I could imagine myself having a picnic here, or just chilling out here one afternoon

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square. Never went *into* the square, as I took this photo only from our double-decker bus. When (not if!) I go back to London, I'm definitely spending an afternoon here.

River Thames and the London Eye
The Thames and the London Eye.

Big Ben
The Big Ben. I don't really know if we can go inside and have a look around, because my parents just showed us Big Ben so we can take pictures.

Up above the London Eye
London from high above. This was taken from the London Eye -- the weird shapes in the clouds are, I think, our reflections.

London at Night
At dusk.

Mind the gap
Mind The Gap, London Underground. On our way back home to our hotel.

I will see you again, London <3

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