February Photo of the Day Week 1

This is the nth time I'm attempting to do a Project 365 (Yes, I only started this February 1. It is right after my birthday, so at least in my mind, the date has some significance, LOL!). But the task is quite daunting, so I'm taking it one month at a time for now. So I'm starting my Project 365 with February Photo a Day Project.  The project has photo tasks for the day, which was created by Fat Mum Slim, which I found through Jayphen.

Here are my photos from February 1 - 7:

01 View
This is my view every night when I smoke 2 sticks before going to bed

02 Words
The last paragraph of The Last Problem by Arthur Conan Doyle

03 Hands
The Star's hand in my hand <3

04 Stranger (yet, not really)
Secrets from strangers

05 10am (NOT)
10 AM
In New York, maybe.

06 Dinner (no more)
Chicken meal from a convenience store (from phone cam, post processed with Poladroid)

07 Button
Loosen up my buttons, babe

Crappy shots for now, I know.

And I KINDA cheated, because the 3rd photo was supposed to be taken by Friday, but I took the shot almost lunch time during Saturday already. I figured it was still Friday somewhere out there in California right?!? So it still counts right?!?

I really really really want to finish this project, so I've set up a reminder in my phone. I do hope I remember to set up the reminders for the whole of February already (I've only set up the next day's task).

Are you doing a photo project this year? Any tips? :) Well, good luck to us :)

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