February Photo of the Day Fallout

I was really planning on uploading and posting the photos here every week, but as all plans go, they usually don't go my way, so here I am uploading photos TAKEN LAST FEBRUARY.

And, I missed the last two days, so I only have 27 photos :(

(Basically, I stopped altogether for March, April and May. UGH)

So here's a glimpse of my February:

01 View02 Words03 Hands
04 Stranger (yet, not really)05 10am (NOT)06 Dinner (no more)
07 Button08 Sun10 Self Portrait
09 Front Door11 Happy12 Closet
13 Blue (Jeans)14 Hearts15 Phone
16 New17 Time18 Drink
19 Hate20 Words21 Photo
22 Work23 Shoes24 Bathroom Cabinet
25 Green26 Night27 Ate

I'm starting again (for the millionth time), and since I got an iPhone already, I'm crossing my fingers I can actually complete a month of doing this. Wait, hmmm, it's more of I got an iPhone already so I'm starting again LOLs.

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