Gold rush, gold rush baby...

Your mouth is so close that I can feel you suck in one last breath of air as you slightly part your lips.

And then half a heartbeat later your lips softly touch mine.

I slightly part my lips, wanting more, catching your upper lip between mine. You open your mouth to take more of my lower lip inside your mouth, to draw me closer, if it was even possible to be closer than we were already. Instead, you feel the tip of my tongue on your upper lip.

With a small gasp and sigh trapped in your throat, you welcomed my tongue in your mouth, sucking it in. I could taste you and your mouth as I put out my tongue further, seeking out yours. And you give it to me gladly, flicking against my tongue, opening your mouth wider, so you can have more, taste more of me.

Our hands pulled, trying to have as much of our bodies feel and taste each other. Our lips and tongues pushed, alternating between getting sucked and licked. Tongues teasing in and out, lips on lips with every heartbeat.

We come up for air, my forehead against yours, your nose next to mine.

Your mouth is still so close that I feel you sigh. Did you feel mine as well?


Never been kissed... for the past several years. Part fantasy, part memory, and everything a product of my over-active and deprived imagination. I think I miss kissing more than having sex (#TMI).

Title is from the song Gold Rush by Kissinger. If you're a Veronica Mars fan, and a LoVe shipper, you'd remember when this song was played :)

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