Looks like I made it...

06/01/2012 Hi-Tech Cab06/02/2012 Multi-Tasking06/03/2012 Guess who's back home06/04/2012 The Star's Pasalubong06/05/2012 Reading List06/06/2012 FotoSnaps Album 1
06/07/2012 Uploading FotoSnaps Album 206/08/2012 The Star and Insurgent06/09/2012 The Star's New Haircut06/10/2012 Baby Mama Shower06/11/2012 Cheap Thrills Merienda06/12/2012 Thank You Camellia
06/13/2012 Wine Arm Party06/14/2012 The 2nd FotoSnaps Album06/15/2012 Friday Arm Party06/16/2012 Breakfast06/17/2012 The Brothers Tantan06/18/2012 Silver and White Arm Party
06/19/2012 First Night Packing06/20/2012 The Star and I06/21/2012 Thursday Arm Party06/22/2012 New Book06/23/2012 Dinner06/24/2012 Breakfast
June 2012 Photos, a set on Flickr.
... look how far I've come, my baby ;)

I finally got to finish a month's worth of photos!

June was a good month because it was hella busy, and there were a lot of things going on in my life (work, family, food LOL).

I'm just so happy I get to keep a record of all the mundane yet important bits of my June days.

And now, it's on to July! Wish me luck!

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