If money grew on trees...


... and I have an orchard of these trees, I would like to:

Buy all the Artemis Fowl books.

Artemis Fowl is a genius, and I ship him with the Star, LOL. He's a criminal mastermind at age 12 (!!!) and singularly discovered the fairy world to build his fortune. But this crafty kid has a heart of gold (that's why I like him -- a bad-ass with a heart of gold), and the books are all about his adventures with the fairies and his struggles in being the "good guy".

The last book is out, and it's time for me to build my collection. Oh, and yeah, read all 8 books as well.

Other books I'd like to procure:

This Is Not A Book and Finish This Book by Keri Smith;
Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux; all of the Listography books

Keri Smith's books are the best! I have This is Not a Journal already and I loved loved loved it. But I haven't  done any of the prompts there yet though -- I'd like to fill it out on a trip (the prompts are awesome!). Same with the Listography books -- I think it would be better to write on them while travelling, like a journal! As for Undecorate -- I'm into house decor and design lately, and I think the design principles in the book closely matches mine :D

Speaking of books, the only experience (I think) that the Star and I are missing as a Harry Potter fans (as we have all 7 books, all 8 DVDs, all supplementary books [like Tales of Beedle the Bard],  Page to Screen and Film Wizardry, and a Pottermore account) is to experience first-hand the world of Harry Potter.

The nearest thing would be to go to Singapore, stay a night (or two) in Marina Bay Sands, and see the Harry Potter Exhibit.

But why be satisfied with just an exhibit? I do have a money orchard right? Why not go all the way to Florida for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Photos by scottrsmith from his awesome WWHP set

Oh god, we can spend DAAAAAAAAAAYS there I'm sure. Butterbeer, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts... aaaack! Dream come true for us Harry Potter fans :D

Speaking of awesome books made into movies, one other place I'd like to see is Hobbiton.

I loved the books, I loved the movies, and I'm sure Hobbiton will make all my Hobbit dreams come true! (I have hobbit dreams?!? Okay, moving on.)

The best way to capture all our adventures in WWHP and Hobbiton then would be to deck out my iPhone. (Yes, I'm trying to connect everything here)

Holga Lens & Filters and Lens Set from Photojojo;
iPhone Cases from Threadless

My iPhone is now drying its ass off in a pack of rice, so I really hope it will work after a day or two :( Anyhoo, methinks there might be an app which can already do what the Holga Lens & Filters can do, but hey, it will look cool covering my phone. And hello, lens set and wallet! Everything you need to convert your iPhone into your camera of choice (good-bye dSLR?). And seriously, how cute are those cases? Threadless makes the best shirts, and now, some of the designs can be on your phone as well!

Speaking of Threadless shirts (toldja I can and will ~connect everything hihihi), how cool are the The Day The Saucers Came shirts?!?

The Day The Saucers Came is a poem by Neil Gaiman from Fragile Things. It's a love story during the end of the world. Or it can also be about paying attention to the world around you. Ohmygods, just read it. Or watch and listen to Neil Gaiman read it. Love love love.

Why the Kris Allen shirt in there? I love Kris Allen. Shut up.

And what are new shirts without new shoes?

I am smitten with Anthology Shoes. Seriously. I have three pairs, and they are the comfiest things ever. And they have my size [sometimes :( I know I know I have large feet]! These five shoes are just the ones I'm hankering to buy right now. But if the money orchard is a reality, I would buy every pair they have in their site, in every color.

And so ends my daydreaming. *Sigh* We did get something ~extra at work recently, but all of it will go to bills and debt payments, and I can spare only a little extra to buy stuff for the house.

Well, at least that will still garner a shopping trip. Heh.

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