SONA* (Yet) So Far**

* SONA -- State of the "now" address

** Word play on the phrase "so near, yet so far" (yeah, okay, didn't work, let's move on)

Hello there, July August!

(I started to write this post in July, but no, I forgot about it, and *baaam* August na.)

flapperdoodle via ecka & becka (shading done by me)

Let me just give you a glimpse of my first half of the year :)

New (experiences) -- Sherlock, traffic system, BDJ box, Wild Tiger, bed, LO with the big boss. Old (favorites) -- me (as I turned a year older), coffee with college friends, tikoy, desserts, breakfast food, kofta balls, pekwa with the fambam.

Wicked weekend. Heart-y breakfasts and LoVe. Bulalo, Greek, bagnet and club dinners. And still a bit Sherlocked (coz of the game).

LoVe month and all that Mars, and welcoming Zoe into our home :D

New hair and new gadgets. Pantry parties and birthday bonanzas. Work, work, work, and quality time every weekend. Oh, Mars and perks :D

June was kind of slow in terms of ~kaganapan, but there was still a lot of pigging out that happened. And so I ventured into juicing. And then our puppy Zoe passed away D:


Akshully, the second quarter was a bit rough for me as there were a lot of ~personal shiz going down, with the foundation not as strong as I thought it would be. Yes, file that statement under these hashtags: #vaguestoryisvague #cryptickwento #truestorybro

There are still a lot of kwento behind-the-scenes, and maybe, when the weather is a bit more permitting (it's really hot here in our computer area right now huhuhu it's like habagat didn't happen), I might sit down again and blog all about those BTS shiz.

How's 2014 treating you so far? :D

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