Hello 2014: A Trip from Here to There

This was supposed to be a "good-bye 2013" post, but as soon as I got to my parents' place yesterday, it was eat-eat-eat-mass-fireworks-eat-eat-eat-sleep so yeah, I got nowhere with this post LOL.

From a gallery in MOMA
2013 took me "here", whatever physical (weight gain booo!), emotional (less drama and more GV), spiritual (faith and fate), financial (so-so debt yey?) and career (*crossing my fingers*) state that I am in right now.

I must say, getting "here" was a blast. 2013, you rocked my world.

Now, 2014 will take me "there", wherever "there" is.

Wherever 2014 will take me, I hope you all be with me as I take my trip, from here to there.

(And have Neil Gaiman's words of wisdom to guide us all)

Happy new year!

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