No, I haven't completely abandoned this blog.

And so, a quick rundown of notable events since my birthday:

Graduation activities for the Star started with her confirmation. I asked MVP to be her godmother, while D asked a friend of his to be the godfather. While D and I were waiting in Della Strada for the procession of the confirmants with their godparents, I got this text from MVP:

From last Saturday: While the Star's...

Quits na kami, pinag-heels ko for the confirmation eh :P

March started with this huge-ish event for our company, wherein I had to make the presentation, and two videos over one weekend. One of the videos I made was this masterpiece LOL:

That involved a lot of downloading of Youtube videos, splicing them up in Movie Maker, and putting everything together in a logical order and omygaaas that almost took up my whole weekend! And there was still the presentation to put together, which was really the bulk of the event, because the video above was just an intro to the whole thing hahaha. I barely had time to edit the closing video huhuhu.

But everything fell into place during event day, and so yey, sulit naman ang walang tulog ng ilang araw :D

And as if to reward me for all my hard work, that same week, the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie was announced!!!

To celebrate the best day ever...

And so to celebrate, I took out my Neptune Noir, my Season 1 DVDs, and watched the pilot, while eating a Mars bar :D

And yes, I'm a backer :)

And then it was time for my baby to graduate!

Trying to finish work tonight for...Nung panahon ko, like 20 years...
With our little graduate! Congratulations my...Celebrated with Greek food plus ice...

Celebrated with D, with Greek food and ice cream. Hay, parang kelan lang nung pumasok siya ng Grade 1! A lifetime ago, mygaz.

A pantry party in the office:

Which didn't end too well for me:

Let's just say I was the talk of the town for a week.

But no worries because one week later, the Star and I, with my family, were back in the US!

We (and our luggages) have arrived!

(I promise a post for our US adventures when I've uploaded all our pictures already!)

But I think MOMA deserves a special mention :)

Exploring on my own :) Kilig :)
Me and my goodies from MoMA :) I went to MoMA and...

The history and creativity in that place made me so kilig! I promise, I'll see you again MOMA!

Best part about May? WWHP, holla!

A day at WWHP :)Hogwarts!
I shall miss Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Butterbeer!!!

Butterbeer, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Journey ride, ugh, so so so so good. Mark my words, I will make a return of the comeback!

And then, just a few weeks later, we were on our way back home:

Checking in 6 balikbayan boxes and...

That's 6 balikbayan boxes and 12 pieces of luggages. #idontevenknow

June started with another weekend spent with Powerpoint.

I'll be spending my Saturday morning...

A big bossing from Spain was visiting and I had to consolidate updates from the different markets, and then checking with one of our directors for more updated data. Eto yung mga weekends na buti na lang na kay D si Darice eh.

Speaking of Darice, guess who's now in high school?!?

Say hi to my high-schooler! 

I don't even remember how I was during my first year in high school. Not as awesome or cool as Darice is I'm sure.

And since I was itching to go to the beach, I joined a group of friends from the office for a weekend in Zambales. Take note, these are not the girls (aka the Kendeng Club), and so I congratulate myself for widening my social circle #lelz Unfortunately, it rained the whole afternoon on our first day, so we mostly just drank alcohol, played games, smoked cigs and played more games LOL.

My view during my coffee and... 

That was my view as I had my morning coffee and cigs on Sunday :)

Of course I had to take a trip with the girls too! The following week, I was off to Bataan with them for three days and two nights of beach fun :D

Umi-swimming na ang lower batch ng...

There must be something with me though because it rained on our second day! As in bagyo lang naman. But we were still able to enjoy our third day because the rain stopped and the sun came out :D

I tried to get back into the normal groove of things, but hey what's normal anyway?

And so I just ate a lot:

Saturdate with this pretty little lady Gluttony Saturday
Outrageous Cheesecake! (Mango, blueberry and strawberry...Breakfast food is luuurve <3
Late post: Breakfast food for merienda <3Dinner excelente

From top left, counterclockwise -- J.Co donuts with the Star; a gluttony weekend of ice cream, Rub Ribs, Uncle Cheffy's and Poco Deli; breakfast food from Slappy Cakes; shalang dinner at Vask, merienda at Milky and Sunny; and Outrageous cheesecake from Starbucks.


I guess I'll end the post here for now, as I just did six months worth of updates :P

Hopefully, coming soon: a post or several posts about our US trip, then a mid-year wish list post, and hopefully *crossing my fingers* a mid-year bonus haul post (pero kelangan magkaron muna ng mid-year bonus huhuhuhu).

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