A few thoughts on turning...

I remember having a conversation with someone a few months ago wherein we were comparing ourselves to our mothers and wondering if they were doing the same things we were doing when they were that age.

When my mother was 33, she had three daughters, had three houses to her name, and has been married to my dad for 10 years already. I think she was a bank manager then, and was managing a side-business as well too. She has already secured our futures with stocks and educational plans. In short, my mom was already fairly stable and secure at that age.

And 25 years later, we have me at 33 years old: already an ex-wife (not yet legally though, don't rejoice just yet :P), with zero savings, tons of debt, with a tweener daughter about to enter high school. (I must say though that I am perfectly happy where I am at work -- I may not be a manager, but I totally love what I'm doing right now :D)

At 33, did my mom go drinking after work after a particularly stressful day? Did she ever stress herself out trying on outfits for an hour every morning before going to work? Was she still a fangirl (of a band, an actor, a ship [or love team as they call it then teehee], a movie, a book, whatever)? Did she also indulge in a little office gossip? Did she attend office parties and stayed until they close down the venue? Did she ever go home drunk out of her mind, after staying up for 24 hours straight to organize a party?

At 33, was my mother doing things I was still doing?

At 33, should I stop doing those things?


I admit, I am a TWIT -- a teenage woman in her thirties.

Is it time for me to finally grow up?

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