A Hair-y Tale

Extremely vain post ahead. You've been warned.

There was once a girl who didn't quite know what to do with her hair.

The tale, of course, didn't stop there.

She got tired of growing her hair out to get rid of the rebonded parts, so she had it chopped off.

But then, impatience got the best of her, and had her hair relaxed! (What even?!?)

So she tries to grow it out once again, and by December 2010, the longest part of her hair almost reached her shoulders already! (Good job!)

But her hair looked all kinds of weird, IDK, so she goes for a short haircut once again. This time around, the cut allowed her hair to look "presentable" enough while it grew out. (She could at least tie it back and later on, opted for side-swept bangs.)

So that by August 2011, she had her normal (that is, wavy and buhaghag) hair back. (Hooray!)

However, the year 2011 was the year she transitioned from being a project manager, entrenched in operations (and assigned to an office which served as a "garage" of sorts), to corporate marketing, engaged in client and partner events (and assigned to the head office).

She decided she needed hassle-free hair that looked presentable and neat with minimum product and accessories (no hair-ties or clips). And so yes, she took the plunge (again), and had her hair rebonded last September 2011.

Since her hair was longer this time around, she was very pleased with the results. By May 2012, she still wanted straight hair, so she went for another rebond treatment to straighten out the growing-out wavy roots. As the year ended, with no time to go for another treatment, her hair became bipolar -- the top half was naturally wavy already, while the bottom half was still straight. By December 2012 she resorted to tying her hair up, or braiding one side of her hair, to hide the curls and waves.

January 2013 came and she finally scheduled a rebond appointment. The day before her appointment, a sudden urge came over her:

However, the rebond specialist said it was not really a good idea as the bangs will stick out and not lay flat against the forehead. Our heroine then thought to herself that she can wait another day; at least she could think about it for another night.

The next day, she goes for a cellophane and keratin treatment in another salon to counteract the dryness resulting from the rebond treatment. She asks the stylist about getting full bangs but her stylist vetoed the idea. While our heroine's hair was being dried off after the keratin treatment, the stylist reconsidered and said: "If you're going to get full bangs, you should set your bangs down as soon as you get out of the shower so that it won't stick out awkwardly when it dries. Are you okay with that?"

Oh hell yes.

And so, our heroine starts 2013, with straight hair once again, peering through her full bangs. She has made quite the impression with people from the office the first day she sported her bangs as they do a double-take when they finally recognize her. All in all, the reviews have been positive, ranging from "You look 10 years younger!" to "Mukha kang kontrabida!" (Ehehehehe)

Let's see where her new hair takes her this new year :)

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