So let's take a look back at what I had planned for 2012.

Creative organization? I think I reorganized stuff around the house every quarter! I'm currently doing that right now, as I'm spending New Year's Eve all by my lonesome :)) It's a matter of just letting go I guess, and just keeping what's important. But what if ~everything is important? Then find a place to stash it then LOL.

Proper money management? Yes, I guess you can say I managed my money better this year. But I still have tons of debt, yet by some grace of the universe, I'm managing, thank you. It was hard to say NO to a few invites, and harder to say YES to paying for things you don't really want but you know you need (case in point: a new filter for our water purifier for six thousand effing pesos).

Comfort zone exploration? This is a bit of a hit-and-miss. There were times this year I should've ~explored more, and there were times I should've just stay put. But you know, my pep talk worked -- I learned/studied, I smiled, and I opened my heart, which led to a lot of unforgettable experiences and a whole lot more lessons learned. I guess you can say my comfort zone became a bit wider (if not me LOL) this year.

True-blue love like affair? Sablay to the nth level. Lessons learned and all that. At least good to know that I'm over the ex, and he's got my back (well sorta I hope).

As much as I am thankful for the new experiences I've had this year, and the new people I've met, I am most thankful for my daughter, my family and my friends for being there for me during this crazy year. You are my constant rocks -- thank you for pulling me back to earth (when I'm high as fuck [figuratively], or down-ass low).

You rocked my life hard-core 2012!

Thank you! :D

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