The Top Ten Design Mistakes for Blogs

I got wind of this from HouseOnAHill. Here's the rundown of the top ten design mistakes for blogs:

1. No Author Biographies -- good I have an author biography.

2. No Author Photo -- well, but my pictures are all over my posts!

3. Nondescript Posting Titles -- I try to fit everything in a few words or so, but I think they're not nondescript.

4. Links Don't Say Where They Go -- I'm kind of guilty of this, putting links here and there.

5. Classic Hits are Buried -- well, I'll try to unearth some of the classics this weekend and put them in the sidebar :)

6. The Calendar is the Only Navigation -- err, if this is about categories, my only defense is that Blogger doesn't support it =s

7. Irregular Publishing Frequency -- ack, so guilty of this!!!

8. Mixing Topics -- well, the common thread is me, so I guess not too guilty of this.

9. Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss -- egad, I know! Sometimes I really do forget that people I know are already reading my blog. Hmm... better rein in those rants once and for all.

10. Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service -- no choice here. Or rather, I chose Blogger before because it was user-friendly and it felt comfortable for a newbie like myself. I choose to stay with Blogger, because I think it has grown with me and I still can do so many things with it (although, there are the lack of categories and I still don't like their commenting scheme).

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