It's All About Sex, Baby

Confessions ni Ella

Ella is a 20-something masahista who started out as an innocent 18-year-old in the "spa" business, and was transformed 3 years later into a 24k bitch. She learns about eggs and eggplants, and about the "specials" that drive the costumers wild (that is, give her extra money). She talks about her first costumer, her first "special", and still has enough to meditate about her chosen profession. She also has written about the different kinds of real massages that she employs on her costumers.

Oooh, and guess who these two artistas are! I think I already know the first one, but the second one has me stumped.


Men's Fun in the Philippines [warning, NSFW ads in his site]

The other side of the story: this blog is written by a 40-year-old guy who's into massage parlors, KTV's (Pegasus , Genie and Air Force One) and high-priced escort services. [Yup, it's like one of Ella's costumers speaks out, hehe.]

He has many tips for the costumers: how much to bring along, how to get the GRO for free, how to deal with the wife or girlfriend and of course, protecting yourself. He also posted a FAQ for message parlors.


I'm not promoting the trade of sex services. I was just curious as to what goes on in these places. And I think Ella and Buwayahman, giving me a peek to both sides of the story, satisfied my curiosity :)


Basang Panaginip

"Heaven is soul consumated by heat, my body gratified by the swelling passion so intense it begs, beggging begging to be satisfied, pleading, pleading for release, erupting erupting into the sky, fading into the dark recess of my spirit, and I becomes We." This line reeled me in to his blog -- looks like a guy who has experienced the higher purpose of sex.

He also talks at length about the logic of legalizing prostitution and gives a rundown of the many faces of this trade. Also a very insightful article about beauty and chubby chasers. I do hope he update his blog already -- it's been a month since his last post.



Now this site is for the really open-minded. Phallic images abound, yet there's a lot of p***y too. This guy is obviously into sex -- and everything that has to do with it. He writes fictional stories, take lots of naughty pics [obviously, NSFW], and shares his hot sex sessions with his girlfriend. There's also articles about cleavage, fingers and cream. Porn articles also abound.

This site was an eye-opener. Having asked my guy how it feels and getting only a one-word answer like "Masarap", kinkylube sure knows how to use the right words to describe the different physical sensations one encounters during sex. Hmmm... so that's how it feels for a guy... hmmm....


Basang panaginip is soft-core, while kinkylube is all the way hard-core. A nice ride into male lusty psyche.


Whew, that got me hot. Going to cool off for a while. Toodles.

Pretty Boy

Guess who?

It's Cillian Murphy of Batman Begins and Red Eye fame!

Ang ganda nya noh?

It's for his latest movie Breakfast on Pluto directed by Neil Jordan, who directed the other cross-dressing classic The Crying Game. One of the movies to watch out for in E!Online's Holiday Movie Guide.

Haaay. Ang guwapo 'pag lalaki, ang ganda 'pag babae.


Image from here. I used the Print Screen function of the computer hehehe.

All about Heartlands

I admit I don't have the healthiest of lifestyles [smoking everyday, drinking coffee every 3 hours (haha, exag!) and drinking alcohol every time there's a chance], but I do manage to eat a serving or two of healthy food every week.

Thanks to Heartlands - The Healthier Alternative [naks, parang commercial! :P] I can now enjoy at the comfort of the office, my very own healthy and delicious salad and pasta.

Totoo! I really enjoy their food. Plus, it's so convenient pa. They send you an email the week before so you can already order in advance for your salad/pasta for next week. Or if you're still not yet decided, you can order the day before for the salad/pasta that you want.

They have a set salad and pasta for the day, and the menu changes every week. They also added a salad and pasta for the week, meaning, you can order that salad or that pasta for the entire week :)

Here's my favorite salads from Heartlands:

Italian Balsamic Green – A refreshing and lightly spiced salad with Black Olives, Sliced Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, sided with White Cheese, and all tossed with Crisp Salad Greens. An Italian touch of BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE flavors this gourmet salad dish.

Very Berry Shrimp – Diced Shrimps & Flavored Squid Crumbs, Sliced Apples, Sweet Corn Kernels, and Carrot Shavings all over a Fresh Lettuce Bed make this salad a healthy seafood meal. The most popular of our berry vinaigrettes, our STRAWBERRY VINAIGRETTE, laces this salad complimenting its fresh seafood flavor.

California Crabstick Medley – Kani Strips, Mango Cubes, & Sliced Cucumber give this its inspired California Maki flavor. Adding Carrot Strips and Mixed Lettuce Greens to toss, all dressed with our LIGHT MANGO VINAIGRETTE make this a healthy alternative for the “California-Jap Sushi” meal!

Zen Berry SaladZen Berry Salad – A Cleansing Fruit Mix of Pomelo Bits, Sliced Peaches, accented with Sweet Corn, Jicama, & Carrot Strips thrown together with a High Fiber Lettuce Mix, all refreshed with our LIGHT RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE. Meditate on this sensation of taste!

The Naked Mexican Taco – Mexican Seasoned Beef and a salsa inspired topping of Chopped Tomatoes, Onions, and Cilantro, with Taco Chips and Cheddar Cheese grated over your Taco Lettuce Mix. A RANCH SALAD SAUCE dresses this taco without a shell!

Grilled-Off-The-Orient – Oriental Chicken Strips off-the-grill topped with Fried Wonton, sprinkled with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Carrots, all over Mixed Salad Greens. Our very own home brewed CREAMY SESAME DRESSING completes this thematic oriental favorite.

Yes, I love their vinaigrettes! Really really masarap :D And I love the mix in the Naked Mexican Taco and the Oriental salad, kakaiba!

And here are my favorite pasta:

Pasta Al’Tonno – Tonno (Tuna) Flakes in an Olive Oil based sauce flavored with Fresh Basil and Lemon Juice give this Spaghettini Pasta its light and tangy taste. Your flavorful Italian pasta that definitely counts its calories!

Aromatically Sage’d – Pasta inspired by the classic European Thanksgiving Turkey meal. A Sauce with Grilled Chicken Strips herbed with Sage in all its aroma, spiked with Lemon Juice, and bathed in an Olive Oil sauce to lock in all its flavor. Douse this over Italian Spaghetti Noodles and you have a light, healthy, and aromatically herbed pasta meal. “Pass the cranberry sauce anyone? Oh, I’m sorry”.

Ispageti ni Mang NoypiIspageti ni Mang Noypi – Mixing Tuyo Flakes and Sautéed Garlic Bits in an Olive Oil Sauce all over classic Spaghetti Noodles shouts out an “ever-pinoy” household taste. If the Espanols have their Spanish Style Sardine Pasta, then we Pinoys have it our way too!

Tuna & White Cheese Penne – Tuna Flakes spiced in Capers and Garlic in an Olive Oil Mix make this a tangy and salty sauce to be poured over thick Penne Pasta. This, Topped with White Cheese Cubes give you a perfect blend of contrasting flavors with every mouthful of Penne!

Completely Caritierre – A Complete Health Meal in itself. Tuna, Italian Herbs, and Whole Peeled Tomatoes on slender Spaghettini Noodles give you just the “light” mix of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates

La Manera Espanol – An inspired dish presenting Sardine Pasta the Spanish Way. Spanish Spiced Sardines & Minced Garlic, seasoned in Bay Leaf & Parsley in an Olive Oil Sauce, to toss over Al’dente Spaghetti Noodles. Bon Appetit… or should we now say… Buen Provecho!

I'm really partial to the olive-oil based sauces and I'll say that Heartlands pasta do not disappoint. I highly recommend Pasta Al Tonno, La Manera Espanol and Ispageti ni Mang Noy-pi. Super sarap!


Go to their website to check out the menu for next week. Ordering info and prices can also be found there.

Happy healthy eating to all :)


Pasta and salad text and images from Heartlands website.

History is a nightmare...

...from which I am trying to awake. -- James Joyce

I've had three dreams wherein I woke up crying, no, make that bawling, my eyes out. I've always considered these dreams as my nightmares, as I'm not really prone to those usual scary ones.

And these nightmares are all about him.


We were getting married, and instead of the groom waiting by the altar, I was waiting for him. He was late. Really really really late. I was already agitated.

Then, my phone rang. It was him. And he was calling to inform me that he was not going to marry me. That he was with that girl and he's decided to be with her, and not with me.


I went to his computer shop late one night, and I saw him getting freaky with that girl!

Turns out that late at night, the girl would come over and they'd have hot freaky sex in his shop.


He told me that he almost got a random girl got pregnant. Turns out, a false alarm. He told me how he met her -- during one of our bar gimiks. He secretly gave her his number. After we went home, he sneaked out and had sex with her.

Then he was blaming me for the "false alarm" because I was the one who sabotaged the condom he was carrying in his wallet.


The last one I just had early this morning. I woke up with such despair and sadness in my heart, I thought the whole thing was real. It really was so real in my mind! It took me a while to realize that it was just a horrible nightmare.

I know, I know. I have issues. Buried deep in my subconscious.

Sweet dreams y'all.

After 21 Cups...

The Starbucks 2006 Planner

I finally got my Starbucks 2006 Planner! Yey me!

Find Your Favorite May 2006 Art Planner Color More Planner Color

Well, I really didn't buy ALL the required coffee. Thanks to my MMS officemates, to Andrei, to my White team-mates, and of course hugs and kisses to my hubby Dar. ^_^

I started with the promo on the week of November 7. And in less than two weeks I already got the planner! Imagine that! At this rate, I could get 3 more planners from Starbucks! Hahahaha :D

I had a harder time last year. I started out on the last week of December, with the promo ending on the 2nd week of January! Dar wasn't a coffee drinker then, so I had a hard time collecting the stickers. And there was a prescribed number peppermint mocha and toffee nut coffees that I had to drink -- eh I was really not fond of those drinks. [Although, I'm loving the peppermint mocha frappucino already :D]

Oooh. Happy happy joy joy. I wish I had purple pen right now so I could start jotting down birthdays and anniversaries :D

P.S. Pictures taken with our new Canon IXUS iZoom (also called the PowerShot SD30 Digital Elph)! To Citibank PayLite, thanks for nothing! Wehehehe. [Guess what color of the camera we bought?!?]

The First Spa Massage

Image from http://www.soulworkbodywork.comOne of our groomsmen, Dar's high school buddy Marvin, gave us two 90-minute Swedish massage GCs at the Red Bamboo Spa at Marikina Riverbanks. Since the GCs were set to expire on November 15, we decided to avail of our massages last night.

It was my first time ever to get a massage outside the house (Dar's ninang is a reflexologist who regularly visits and gives us massages) and in a spa, so I really didn't know what to expect. The girl assistant asked me if I wanted to shower, I said no, because I didn't have extra clothes with me (unlike Dar who took a shower and used his clothes again after -- eww hehe). She gave me a skimpy robe (upper mid-thigh length!) and asked me to just leave my undies on. Ahm. Okay.

I entered the massage room and sat down on the bed and waited for my masahista. Damn, it was kind of cold -- maybe because I only had a thin skimpy robe on. Since there were other girls being massaged, I just lied down because I didn't want them to feel that I was staring at them. But then my masahista entered, so I nervously sat up again.

She then instructed me to take off my robe and lie face down on the bed. Oops, got exposed there for a while, but who cares, I bet that masahista has seen grosser things in her life hehehe. After a while, I felt warm, wet hands touching my back. Oooh yes, now that feels good. The nervousness and tension slowly slipped away.

She then proceeded to knead my legs, back and butt, shoulders, arms and neck. I don't know why but it felt so good to have my neck massaged! I felt goosebumps all over! Well, for the past week or so, I've had aching shoulders and neck, and it feels good to finally have them relaxed. [And I really do love it when Dar plants kisses on my neck -- ultimate bees-on-my-knees moment!]

I think she used different parts of her body aside from her fingers and hands. I totally felt her arms kneading hard on my back. I also felt her lower body (her thighs, I think), again, at my back. And there were a lot of times she straddled my back to have a good go at my shoulders.

Yes, don't be surprised that I'm surprised, because this is the first time I got a spa massage.

She then asked me to lie down. Err, feeling the cold air too much as I was shivering a bit already. Again, my legs and thighs were massaged, then my arms and hands (feels good to hear those bones snap hehehe). She asked me if I wanted to have my stomach massaged, and I thought why not, so I said "Sige". Good thing I wasn't feeling very ticklish hehe. But I felt a bit embarrassed because of my flabby stomach -- but I'm sure she's seen flabbier stomachs than mine! Then she asked, "Ma'am, sa dibdib po, gusto nyo?" I answered, "Ah, hindi, sige, okay nako". Hahaha, no not yet, this was my first time after all -- nobody gets to second base hahahaha!

After that, she stretched my muscles and gave my legs and arms a good pull. I was getting really sleepy so I guess the relaxing bit of the Swedish massage was coming into effect already.

But then, my 90 minutes were up. The masahista gave me a few minutes to lie down. Afraid that I might fall asleep on the bed, I stood up after some time and changed into my clothes. I was kind of groggy and I felt like my eyes came from a deep sleep. It didn't feel like 90 minutes at all. But it was, because we went in before 6:30pm, and lo and behold, it was already 8pm.

It was a relaxing way to spend 90 minutes, being pampered and feeling somebody cater to all your physical needs. And better too because it was for free (thanks Marvin -- but I doubt you'd be able to read this haha).

So head on over to Red Bamboo Spa at the Marikina Riverbanks! The 90-minute Swedish massage costs 560 a pop :) Oh and of course, don't forget to tip your masahista :)


Image source here.


I want to curl my hair!!!

I've had this thick mass of confused hair since I had it curled in the 4th grade. My curls grew out and it never returned to its stick-straight perfection. [Pramis, my hair was just like Darice's when I was a kid!]

I've been wanting to get a perm eversince I got married, but I've always been too busy or lazy to go out and do it. But then, the urge became stronger, when I just bought the November editions of the Cosmopolitan and Preview magazines, and saw that they both had features on where to have a good perm. Yey me!

From Cosmopolitan Philippines, November 2005 issue:

If you want luscious waves minus the rolling, shaping, and extra prepping, check out the latest permanent setting procedures that claim to be gentler on tresses compared to traditional perming treatments. We like the L'Oreal Xtenso Digital Perm, P3,500, available at all David's salons.

From Preview Magazine, November 2005 issue:

Setting perm: P2750 - P4000. YOU Salon, Level 3 The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

THEIR CLAIM A digital perm gives you perfect curls without damaging the hiar.

OUR VERDICT We love how soft and lovely these ringlets look and how easy they are to maintain.


Hmm... looks like the new perms are gentle on the hair, but not on the wallet! :P

Before I make a dent on my life savings, I decided to do some research. I hopped on over to FemaleNetwork's GirlTalk -- if there's kakikayan involved, I knew GirlTalk would have a thread on it.

And boy, did they ever:

Okay, got more confused. Salons from Kerastase, Toni&Guy, Azta Urban Salon to Bench Fix, Ricky Reyes and David's Salon, with prices ranging from 700 - 6000 (!!!) made my head spin. Well, I could narrow down my choices to Bench Fix, David's Salon and Azta Urban Salon -- salons near the house and office. Magkakatalo na lang sa price and size of their curlers.

Size of the curlers are very important because I don't want to end up with those really small curls -- that's what I had when I got my hair curled and it has been very traumatic for me. Here's the kind of curls I want for my hair:

Ashlee SimpsonDrew BarrymoreOlsen Twins

Yup loose curls -- I hope I'll be able to "keri" them.

Girls who are reading this, do you have any suggestions where to get a good perm? :)

Like, pare...

One of the funniest shit I've read before...

...has moved on to his new site.

Like, pare, super nakakatawa the peeps who comment ha.


The Dark Side

Got this from her.


The Devil Card

You are the Devil card. The Devil is based on the figure Pan, Lord of the Dance. The earthy physicality of the devil breeds lust. The devil's call to return to primal instincts often creates conflict in a society in which many of these instincts must be kept under control. Challenges posed by our physical bodies can be overcome by strength in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Pan is also a symbol of enjoyment and rules our material creativity. The devil knows physical pleasure and how to manipulate the physical world. Material creativity finds its output in such things as dance, pottery, gardening, and sex. The self-actualized person is able to accept the sensuality and usefulness of the devil's gifts while remaining in control of any darker urges.

Image from The Stone Tarot deck.

Which Tarot Card Are You? brought to you by Quizilla


Freaking hilarious!

Teeheehee. [Make sure you have audio for the complete experience!]

All-Time 100 Novels

Here is TIME Magazine's All-Time 100 Novels (got this link from Loryces).

The books I've read from the list:

Animal Farm I read this in high school for a term paper. Learned the eternal truth: "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret The best book to read during the awkward pre-teen years, when you're too old to be a child and to young to be a teenager. It touches on religion and sex in an honest, matter-of-fact way.

I love other Judy Blume books like Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself, Blubber, Just as Long as We're Together, Then Again, Maybe I Won't and Tiger Eyes.

The Catcher in the Rye The ultimate angst novel. Enough said.

Gone with the Wind An epic love story between the bratty Scarlett and brash Rhett. The ultimate historical romantic novel.

The Lord of the Flies Again, for a term paper in high school. Forgot the gory details. This book preceded Survivor and Lost but has the same themes (almost) -- survival of the fittest in a strange island.

The Lord of the Rings Okay okay, I admit it -- haven't finished the first one, the The Fellowship of the Rings. But I have the books, and they're on my to-do list :)

The books I've been curious about ever since (again, from the list):

A Clockwork Orange This was made into a movie right?

The French Lieutenant's Woman Mala - choose-your-own adventure daw 'to?

The Grapes of Wrath If I really want to be depressed [The Pearl truly saddened me :( ]

The Great Gatsby Curious about the roaring 20's setting.

Invisible Man Had a high school classmate read this for a term paper -- curious about it ever since.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Yes, kill me, haven't read any Narnia books yet.

Lolita I think I need to read this first before watching the movie versions [1997 by Adrian Lyne and 1962 by Stanley Kubrick].

Neuromancer One of the first books to mention the word cyberspace. Cool.

1984 Did you know this is the book with the original Big Brother?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest One of those must-read classic novels that I haven't gotten around to reading.

To Kill a Mockingbird Again, another must-read classic.

The Sound and the Fury Ooooh... Faulkner. Haven't tried reading any of his books yet.

Slaughterhouse-Five Oooh, and Vonnegut's books too. Must have time to read up on those.

Mrs. Dalloway I think a good book to start with my exploration of Virginia Woolf.


I guess I have my reading list made for the rest of my life haha. Gawin na rin nating parang wish-list ito para sa Pasko hehehe.


I used to devour books when I was young. I would buy used books with my allowance, and when I finish those, I'd read my father's books. And pag nagsawa ako doon, I'd even read my little sisters' books!

Now, the only book I've read are those ebooks in the office during the rare moments that I don't have work. Sigh. I need to get back into my reading mode -- lalo na ngayon na there are countless coffeeshops to park my ass, order a scalding venti latte, and turn the pages ever so slowly as I enter the writer's imaginary world.

Read up peeps! TIME just gave us a great reading list for life! Enjoy :D